Make a Difference Radio Launches, Wednesday, November 30th at 10:00 AM EST

Make a Difference Radio is brought to you by Swipe for Change, a social enterprise focused on creating sustainable models in fundraising. Swipe for Change is a fundraising engine creating recurring and sustainable donation streams for nonprofit causes by leveraging payment processing solutions.

When a business subscribes to S4C services, they are able to choose their sponsorship of a cause. As customers shop at their locations with the debit or credit cards, donations are generated from the proceeds paid for processing service.

It is a triple win scenario, as the business gets to support a cause and have a competitive advantage without affecting the bottom line, consumers feel good about making a difference simply by choosing where they shop and are not limited to cause branded products and nonprofit causes see a recurring donation from businesses that help their fundraising efforts and stabilize their programs.

We proudly supports numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the Southeast and are pleased to bring you Make a Difference Radio to share the amazing stories and exceptional causes we meet as we continue our mission of “Making a Difference Everyday”.

Please join us weekly on Wednesdays at 10 AM for our live broadcasts.


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