Episode 4: G-CAPP

Join us Wednesday December 21st as Make A Difference Radio spotlights the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, G-CAPP. The organization is committed to enriching the lives of adolescents and helping them achieve a healthy, productive future free of early pregnancy.


Host Derek Van Dam speaks with G-CAPP’s President and CEO Vikki Millender-Morrow and Vice President of Development Kathleen Egan about the numerous programs and services G-CAPP has implemented to help educate Georgia’s youth to make successful life decisions.





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One comment on “Episode 4: G-CAPP

  • I never knew Atlanta actually had a radio program that focuses on nothing but helping others! I’ve heard about some things G-CAPP has done over the years. However, after listening to this podcast, G-CAPP has done and is still doing remarkable work for Georgia. I was floored after hearing that teen childbearing in Georgia costs taxpayers $465 million annually. I commend Swipe For Change for sponsoring this positive and informative radio program.


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